What is Electric Load Management?

Electric Load Management, or Peak Shaving, is a tool we use to help level out peak times of energy usage to reduce costs impacted by supply and demand as well as ensure reliability in service. It does not affect the service in your home. 

Reducing Energy Costs - One of the greatest benefits of Electric Load Management is cost savings. Supply and demand is a major aspect of energy costs. Like anything else, the cost of electricity rises in price when the demand is high. (during times of extreme cold or extreme heat)

Ensuring Reliability - Our mission is to keep service interruptions to a minimum. Electric Load Management allows us to monitor power consumption to ensure our system is operating at it's best.  

How can you help? - Using less electricity during Electric Load Management can help tremendously. Turning off and unplugging lights and electronics, sealing up air leaks, and shifting non-emergent household chores to times outside of the designated Load Management timeframe can go a long way.


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