Minimum Qualifications

  • A completed Town of Front Royal employment application must be received before a candidate may begin the formal application process.
  • Be at least 20 years of age at time of application (but must turn 21 by academy graduation date). For Non-sworn positions, be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a United States Citizen.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  • Have a satisfactory service record and not have been dishonorably discharged, if served as a member of the armed forces or military reserves.
  • Have no convictions of any felony, Class 1 or 2 criminal misdemeanors for crimes of moral turpitude, or equivalent offense for non-Virginia laws.
  • Be able to successfully complete the physical fitness requirements.
  • Valid driver’s license before or by date of hire. Driving history should not demonstrate a pattern of irresponsible, and/or unsafe driving habits regardless of current DMV point assessments.

Non-Certified Applicant or Certified Applicant

For sworn police officer positions, applicants are divided into two types: certified and non-certified
  • A certified applicant is an applicant with prior law enforcement experience and holds a current certification with the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). The Chief of Police can waive the written examination & physical agility portion of the application process based upon the applicant’s experience and specialized training.
  • A non-certified applicant has no prior law enforcement experience or DCJS certifications or someone who has been inactive from law enforcement for an extended period of time.

Selection Process

The selection process for a sworn police officer vacancy takes approximately 90 -180 days to complete after the application has been received, depending on current certified and non-certified status.  FRPD is a member of the Skyline Regional Criminal Justice Academy, who is responsible for providing all state-mandated basic, in-service, and various forms of specialized training.  The basic police academy is held two times a year – typically starting in January and July.

Sworn Police Officer applicants must successfully complete the following phases:
  • Online application submission (Insert hyperlink) • Personal History Statement and Information Release Authorization forms. • Written examination (can be waived for certified applicants) • Physical agility test (can be waived for certified applicants) • Pre-screen interview • Oral Interview panel • Background investigation • Polygraph examination • Psychological examination • Medical and physical examinations • Final approval by the Chief of Police and the Human Resources Director.