GIS Data

Important Notes

  • Fee Schedule pricing policy effective as of December 1, 2002.
  • Pricing policy subject to change without notice.
  • All data outside the Town of Front Royal limits MUST be acquired from Warren County GIS.

Aerial Imagery

OrthoImageryPixel TypeCell Size (Resolution)No. of BandsColumns & RowsFormatPrice
April 2018, Natural Color8-bit unsigned3-inch
(0.25 ft)
35000 x 5000TIFF or SID$52.00 per tile
March 2015, Natural Color8-bit unsigned3-inch
(0.25 ft)
35000 x 5000TIFF or SID$52.00 per tile

  • Aerial orthoimagery is sold by individual 1250’ x 1250’ tiles.
  • Projection: NAD83 HARN SPCS Virginia North
  • When inquiring about orthoimagery purchases, the buyer should refer to the number label of the aerial imagery tile(s) (blue squares) in the GIS Data Coverage Index Map.

Planimetric Data

Layer NameYearDescriptionFeature TypeFormatPrice
Address PointsCurrentPhysical structure addresses.PointShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
Electric Utilities2015Utility power and light poles.PointShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
Flood Zones2008A, AE, 0.2%, and X flood zones. Elevations not included in data.PolygonShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
Impervious Surfaces Lines2015Edge of pavement, curb, and gutter.LineShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
Impervious Surfaces Polygons2015Roadways, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, gravel lots.PolygonShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
ParcelsCurrentParcel geometry, acreage, and zoning designations. Does NOT include owner information.PolygonShapefile or Feature Class$100.00
Road CenterlinesCurrentRoads based on centerline of right-of-way (ROW).LineShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
Sewer Lines
Sewer line distribution and diameter.LineShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
Sewer Manholes
Sewer manholes.PointShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
StructuresCurrentBuilding Footprints: houses, sheds, storage buildings, etc.PolyonShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
Two-foot Contours2001Two-foot contours containing elevation attribute data for each contour line feature.LineShapefile or Feature Class$50.00
Water Utilities2015Water access valves, manholes, etc.PointShapefile or Feature Class$50.00

  • Planimetric data is sold by individual Town-wide layers.
  • Projection: NAD83 SPCS Virginia North

Basemap CAD Data


*Each panel contains the three layers described in this table.

$25.00 per panel
Structures2001Building footprints and vegetation cover.Multi-featureCAD .dwgSee note above
Surfaces2001Impervious surfaces, utility poles, and water bodies.Multi-featureCAD .dwgSee note above
Topo2001Two-foot contours containing elevation attribute data for each contour line feature (Same as GIS layer)Multi-featureCAD .dwgSee note above

  • Basemap CAD data is sold by individual 5000’ x 5000’ panels.
  • *All three layers described in table above are included per panel.
  • Town-wide coverage can be acquired if all panels are purchased for $400.
  • Projection: NAD83 SPCS Virginia North.
  • When inquiring about basemap data purchases, the buyer must refer to the basemap panel(s) by their number label (red squares) in the GIS Data Coverage Index Map.


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