Water Main Improvements 2019-Phase 1

In an effort to improve redundancy and fire flows, the Town of Front Royal's water and sewer department is making making improvements to existing water mains in West 14th Street, North Shenandoah Avenue, and Belair Avenue.

A new ten-inch main will be installed in the middle of W. 14th St. from Royal Ave. to N. Shenandoah.  This will replace the existing six-inch line, providing greater fire flows and eliminating an outdated line.

In N. Shenandoah, new connections will be made between the twelve-inch main running along the west side of the street and water mains in 15th, 17th, and 18th Streets.  The mains in these three cross streets currently only connect to a six-inch main on the east side of Shenandoah.  This will provide increased flow capability in all three cross streets as well as better connections between the six- and twelve-inch lines.

The water main in Belair Avenue is an outdated four-inch line and will be replaced with a six-inch line.  This will increase fire flows along Belair and will provide a reliable connection between Happy Creek Rd. and 6th St.

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Waterline Plan