Procurement Procedure Summary for the Town of Front Royal

Purchase Amount less than $5,000

The department should make the purchase or order the supplies as needed. Notice of the purchase should immediately be sent to the Purchasing Agent. This notice can be the receipt from the vendor, a confirmation from the computer, or a requisition form. The notice, in whatever format, needs to include the department budget code as well as the signature of the department employee who made the order.

Purchase amount $5,000 to $19,999 (excluding vehicles and rolling stock)

Purchases in this category require a minimum of three verbal price quotations. After determining the materials or services needed, the department needs to collect and document prices from at least 3 vendors. Since these prices must be documented, it will probably be easier to have them faxed, but a written notation on the requisition form that includes the date and signature is acceptable. A three-quote form is also available for use to note verbal quotations.

A purchase requisition should be prepared and sent to the Purchasing Office with the documented price quotations. The Purchasing Agent will review the order for compliance with the Town’s policies. If all the information is satisfactory, the Purchasing Agent will issue a Purchase Order and deliver to the vendor.

The purchase requisition is to be signed by the Department Director or designee.

In no event (except for a bona fide emergency) should an order be initiated without a valid Purchase Order from the Purchasing Agent.

Purchase amount $20,000 to $49,999 (excluding vehicles and rolling stock)

The procedures for purchases in this category are the same as for purchases in the $5,000 to $19,999 category with one exception. All price quotations must be in written form from the vendors, either on their letterhead or other official document. At a minimum, the documentation should include a description of the item or service, the dates covered by the price and the signature of the company’s representative.

The purchase requisition MUST be signed by Department Director or the Town Manager.

Again, no order should be initiated without a valid Purchase Order from the Purchasing Agent

Purchase amount greater than $50,000 or any purchase of vehicles or rolling stock

All purchases in this category are subject to formal sealed bid quotations or the competitive negotiation process. When such a purchase is necessary the department representative should contact the Purchasing Agent so that specifications can be developed or a request for proposal (RFP) developed.