Water & Sewer Line Maintenance

The Water and Sewer Line Maintenance Division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all water and sewer mains, manholes, service connections and fire hydrants in the Town Utility Service Area. Other responsibilities include:

  • Routine cleaning and inspection of more than 65 miles of sewer lines
  • Assistance with customer sewer backups
  • Repairing water breaks
  • Inspections of sewer systems also known as "Infiltration and Inflow" (I & I)
  • Routine hydrant flushing
  • Connections of water and sewer service
Crew Repairing Water Main

Infiltration & Inflow

I & I is the introduction of groundwater or storm water into the sanitary sewer collection system. This additional water in the sewer system reduces the carrying capacity of the sewer lines, which results in surcharging of the system. Sewer backups and unnecessary treatment of "clean" water at the Wastewater Treatment Plant results from I & I. To detect locations where "clean" water enters the sewers is performed by both "smoke testing" the lines and visually inspecting them with a video inspection device.

Water Main Breaks

Due to temperature fluctuations, breaks in the Town's water mains may occur. These primarily occur during very cold periods, but warm, dry conditions can also result in breaks due to the ground shifting or settling. Break repairs usually take six to eight hours after the break has been identified. Water service could be interrupted.

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing helps to keep water lines free of deposit buildup and to check the mechanical operation of fire hydrants. Bi-annual flushing is necessary to provide better water quality and fire protection. Daytime flushing allows crews to perform minor repairs to hydrants to provide continued operation. During hydrant flushing customers may experience periods of low water pressure and/or discoloration of water. It is suggested to run the cold water tap until it clears. During periods of discoloration, postpone washing clothes and limit use of hot water until the cold water clears. 

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns regarding water and sewer line maintenance, please contact Public Works.