Referrals for Other Legal Matters

Consumer Complaints & Landlord-Tenant Matters

Persons having consumer complaints or inquires about landlord-tenant relations should contact the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs in Richmond toll-free at 800-552-9963.

Criminal Matters

The Commonwealth's Attorney prosecutes all violations of state law occurring within the boundaries of the Town of Front Royal. For information or inquires about matters handled by the Commonwealth's Attorney, please call (540)636-5441.

Criminal Representation

The Office of the Public Defender provides representation in criminal matters to defendants who meet certain eligibility criteria relative to income. The Office of the Public Defender may be contacted at (540)635-0300.

Legal Advice & Representation in Civil Matters (Paid)

Referrals for legal assistance concerning private or personal matters may be obtained from the Virginia State Bar's Lawyers Referral Service toll-free at 800-552-7877.

Legal Aid in Civil Matters (Free or Reduced-Cost)

Persons meeting certain eligibility criteria relating to income may qualify for low-cost or no-cost legal assistance from Blue Ridge Legal Services in Winchester, Virginia, for non-fee generating legal matters, such as domestic relations, consumer complaints, landlord-tenant issues, etc. Blue Ridge Legal Services can be contacted toll-free at 800-678-5021.

Court Dockets

The Warren County General District Court initially hears all traffic, misdemeanor criminal, and minor civil cases (including evictions and collections). Contact the Clerk's Office at (540)635-2335 for information about the schedule and status for cases.

The Warren County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court hears petitions for custody and support, criminal cases involving minors and family members as defendants or victims, and other matters relating to minors. Information about cases may be obtained from the Clerk, Linda Beatty, and her deputies at (540)635-4107.

The Warren County Circuit Court hears all felony criminal cases, as well as major civil matters, appeals from the General District Court of traffic, criminal and minor civil cases, and appeals from the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. The Clerk of the Court and his deputies may be reached at (540)635-2435.

All of the courts are located in the Warren County Courthouse building at the corner of Main Street and Royal Avenue.