Town Attorney



The Office of the Town Attorney provides legal counsel to the Mayor, Town Council, Planning Commission, Town Manager, staff, and other Town agencies. It represents the Town and staff officials in all litigation on behalf of or against them. Upon request, the Office provides written legal opinions to the Mayor, Council and related committees.


The Office drafts and/or reviews all contracts, agreements, licenses, permits, deeds, leases, franchises and other legal documents to which the Town is a party. All ordinances and resolutions which are adopted by Town Council are also drafted and/or reviewed by the Office. The Town Attorney's Office also drafts proposed legislation to be adopted by the General Assembly on behalf of the Town, meets with the area's legislators and coordinates the tracking of legislation with the Town's Legislative Liaison.

In addition, the Town Attorney's Office handles all real estate transactions on behalf of the Town, preparing deeds, examining titles and conducting closings. It collects debts owed to the Town, including taxes, accounts, damages and fines. The Office also prosecutes zoning and property maintenance code violations, and traffic, parking and minor criminal violations of the Town Code.

The Town Attorney is appointed by and reports to the Town Council.