On-Call Collection Program

In addition to regular curbside collection of refuse and recycling, the Town of Front Royal also offers an On-Call Collection Program to collect large items that will not fit in a regular refuse can.

Each address is allowed one FREE pick-up a calendar year not to exceed 20 bags of trash and 5 pieces of furniture. Additional pick-ups are allowed, please see Charges.


There is a charge for any Freon items and tires that are on or off the rim.  A second collection will be charged $25; a third collection will be charged $50; and each subsequent collection will be charged $50. If more than 20 bags of trash and 5 pieces of furniture are set out at one time, the Town will charge $400 an hour to complete the pick-up.

Collection Placement

All items must be set out at the curb or public right-of-way, stacked neatly. The Town is not responsible for any incidentals that result from items being placed at the curb or left behind that we do not collect. Before placing your items at the curb, please call (540) 635-7819 to schedule your collection and ensure we collect the items you wish to set out.

Items not acceptable for disposal are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Construction and remodeling debris (i.e. drywall, cabinets, sinks, boards, windows, counter tops, commodes, flooring, carpet, sheet rock, doors, etc)
  • Asbestos Items ( i.e. roofing shingles, tile flooring, etc)
  • Any item containing oil, antifreeze, or pesticides
  • 55-gallon drums
  • Wet/fresh paint
  • Computer or printers and their parts
  • Engines or car parts
  • Propane, Freon or oil tanks
  • Sofa beds, recliners or sofas with recliners unless the metal has been removed
  • Camper shells
  • Fencing (metal, wooden or fiberglass), posts with concrete, landscaping timbers, railroad ties
  • Swing sets, porch swings, picnic tables
  • Dirt, rocks, stumps or root balls
  • Any item considered medical or hazardous waste