Risk Management

The Town's Risk Management directs strategic planning, facilitates departmental training and recommends rules, policies and procedures to accomplish risk management goals related to employee and workplace safety, loss control, claims, and insurance program objectives.

Mission Statement

To protect the Town's citizens, customers, and employees from loss and damage and provide effective, proactive risk management.

Program Goals

  • Minimize or eliminate the conditions and practices that cause loss and damage.
  • Provide guidance, direction, oversight and coordination of a Town-wide risk management program.
  • Provide effective, proactive loss prevention programs, policies and procedures and to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.


Risk management activities include selection and placement of adequate insurance protection for the Town's assets; coordination of the workers' compensation insurance program; timely processing of claims against the Town; and loss control functions.

Safety & Training

Safety and training services include Town-wide safety and training activities applicable to all employees and compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.